What the hell does "Fifty-four Fourty or Fight" mean? Well, I always saw it as a quilt block:

Like this one.

But, it's really about American history and an emphatic message from a past president.

It's my favorite block. I dunno why. Is it the threat? Is it the long-legged look of the star? Is it because I'm married to a navigator (now retired)? Is it the hotness of the phrase "manifest destiny" (no.)?

Well, isn't this toasty? I'm moving along with my business by juggling sewing, tax stuff, reading about starting a business, setting up finances Oh Etc... I'm moving so fast it doesn't feel like 12*outside. What's the weather like for you?

This'll keep you warm too.

I'll be attempting to create a wall quilt from a block that I chose out of EQ7. BIG patches so should go fast. Also going to enlist Marti Michell's method (1 of them) of quilting as you go. Do you do that? Have you tried it? Is it easy?




Twitter. For some it is a great tool or a way to communicate with friends. To others it's a one-way ride into an ugly side of yourself or someone you know.

Guess what MY experience was. Yes, I fell to the lower depths of twitter falling prey to its ability to pull out anger from within a soul. I'm not a saint, but I am also not a hater. My political leanings got the better of me, as they do others when there's an up-coming election. I apologized, to those who have chosen to still follow me, and urge those who left to please come back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, M...

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