High 8 us

Reznor says that NIN is going on hiatus. I say it's about time. Part of NIN's beauty, to me, is its mystery. The composer himself is elusive and, after his comment about his concern over future NIN tours, it's for the best. He has so much more of himself to give.

I have two kids and they are both under the age of three and quite a handful. Finding time to listen to my old favorites like NIN, TOOL and Pink Floyd is tough; and when I want time on my own silence is golden. Now they are both in a childcare program for three hrs at time, three days a week. It has added years to my life!

Well, must get my husband's birthday cupcakes ready. He's heading home from Norfolk and that cake is all he can think about on this date every year. Really. His mom gave me the recipe just before the wedding so her son could carry on the tradition. It's a pain to make, but he likes it so much that, well, it would be cruel of me to refuse.

Here's to sugar and butter!


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