Befuddled by the flannel pants

Well the pants were revised and are now in bed with our sleeping boy. The hemming took more work than I thought, but about four inches(!) were snipped off the legs. Alarming. Well, maybe not. My first real pair of pants I ever made (that means that I wore them in public) had one leg longer than the other. This was pointed out to me by my boss' spouse at the time. Embarassing enough to make me turn to quilting.
It has been a while since fat quarters for me, but it's like riding a bike, right? Although this time the blankets and such are not for me. I'm thinking bags and the like. I've perused eBags for months now trying to find an (affordable) small bag that will appeal to me. Seems that making it might be the answer.
Whew! I spent some time today in the Etsy Lab for a talk about being a newbie and followed by another hour of shop critiques. Well, I tried to spend time as the boys had their own agenda that was perpendicular to mine. I learned a lot.
Money is No Object Friday!
A sofa so easy to change (link) that I could have a different look every two weeks (oh so me). What about a chair to go with (link)?
I must mention that I finished reading What Good Are the Arts. My thoughts about the arts have been shaken by it. It's Great! Nothing like getting shaken up, turned around and righted. Well, that's my opinion about the book anyway.
Now I am on to Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World. It's like Christopher Hitchens Lite. I adore Sagan and wish he had been immortal (wonder what he would have thought of that).
Hey, think I'll turn in early to get a few more pages in.

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