Friday - Time for Money is No Object

And a couple of ATCs. These were stamped from various stamps: a deer, a cat and a bird. Being so small they were a breeze to finish. I had fun with ink, pen, glue and glitter.

If I wanted to be on the Potomac River I'd buy this. Being that I am always seeking a bargain, it's a better buy, at first glance, than this that is down the road. Yea, the kitchen is a galley kitchen, but the views make up for the lack of "dancing space" around the island. The place is made for "party was held at X's manor" types of gatherings, don't you think? I bet we'd make a lot more friends without trying if we had a house like that ; )
For a chuckle. see what lies in the other direction of the Potomac here. You'd think that for a few million they'd at least change out the cabinet fronts in the mess hall? It looks and acts like a hunter's den, but it was built in '61 and the area was long rid of pesky beavers and trophy game by then, right? Maybe it was a clandestine spot for politicians and pages at one time. (shrug)


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