So fabric has me all wrapped up in its spell...

and I don't mind. Currently finishing up a small quilt for a sweet girl I know ; ) she will surely like it when received for the holidays.

I've read almost a dozen quilting magazines and countless quilting books were borrowed from the library in the past month. Sometimes I'd go through a pile of books in a night and pick up more the next day. I've missed a lot in the past six or so years of being away from thread and fabric.

Here is a blog I want to share Free Motion. how inspiring!! Love her enthusiasm and sharing spirit. This will go a long way in getting some spaces filled on the quilts I have planned.
The oddly matched block above is a fused applique. The deer is from Making Memories' Travel design card. I don't have an embroidery machine (don't need one), but the Slice works wonderfully in giving me images to use on fabric.
AND I managed to add photos to this post after I was told how (thanks, honey) to get them from an external drive.

Meanwhile, cast on, stitch on and sew on.

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