Here's a New One (or two)


I have an old acrylic file holder that has been floating around for years. It has been used for files, incoming mail and even sticker storage. Now it holds my Cricut mats. That's helpful since my pegboard isn't up and may never be, at this address. Pegboard is awesome! I miss it.

 Now that the 12x24 is in my supply it has dawned on me that storing it may be an issue. For now, I keep the papers in their pads and, when used, they are stored with a couple of clips and hung up on a hook. This way I don't have to cut them up to file them away like the 12x12 leftovers and smaller.

 The other thing on the hook is one of the four metal rulers I have. Papers and projects can be attached with strong magnets. I have decorated mine with rocks and metal. In my previous craft room, the four were nailed to the wall about 12" apart.
 The rulers are pretty cheap and can be found at a walmarty place.

Here's my "inspiration" shot above. The neighborhood in the ad seemed so fun and relaxing I had to do something similar. With the Cricut Cart. "My Community" I found some buildings to interpret the walk-ups or brownstones in the ad. My own neighborhood has the library, a hip boutique and a home that looks like it belongs to an artist. Or the crazy lady on the block, take your pick - she's the same lady ; )

(Oh, that's my new we r memory keepers ruler that looks like it's coming out of the side of the house. Well, cluttered means busy and that beats bored!)

I got the WRMKs ruler and magnetic mat yesterday. I was hoping it was bigger and am a bit miffed that it's not at all like what was pictured on the store's website (not WRMKs' site). Also, the thing is coming apart on the sides. I really should have gone ahead and purchased another Basic Grey mat. That mat is just the BEST!


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