Cricut Chore Chart as Kid's Daily Schedule

Well, I did it. I finished it and here it is.

Yes, I know. These aren't so much chores as things they are expected to do. Maybe I am the one who thinks of these as chores! The boys certainly like it and can understand it after talking them through it only once. Besides, they are not ready for the chores around the house - least I don't want them doing them when mommy and daddy can do it better and with more efficiency!

The overall measurements are around 22 x 11.5. It's backed by black foamcore board for durability and to carry it from one location to another (they are very, very forgetful). I used Design Studio to map out the cutting arrangements. One thing I like to do for each layer or even each section is to write in the color on the mat via a font cartridge. Just before I cut I delete the defining text since I don't need the word "blue" for the project.

I used my Gypsy to design/browse initially, but executed in DS. I take the G to bed with me and use it 'til I can't see the screen anymore (yes, it's a small screen, but there's nothing like the G on the market, right?). There are a few things designed on it that are ready to go when the mood strikes.

Cricut Chore Chart Cartridge

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