It's Friday - time for If Money Was No Object...

I'd live like Ms. Shreve Stockton, but more on her later. Right now I'd get this Chair made by a RISD student. I absolutely love this, whatever it is. I am a complete sucker for deer. Yep, deer, coyote and rabbits. Have been for a long, long while. Here are two more pieces I would buy, here and here. Now on to Ms. Stockton. Here's the deal, I was at the vet's the other day with M'hija and looked at a mag there called Novadog, a regional magazine. There was an article about a woman who wrote a book about living with a coyote. Well! That got my attention and I checked out her blog, The Daily Coyote. I read it starting at the beginning when Charlie, the coyote, arrived. It's posted out of real time because she started the blog later when he was older.

Having raised and loved a coyote mix (called coydogs in the Southwest, I understand) I simply fell in love with Charlie too. It brought back great memories (along with hot tears) to think of M'hija when she was just a tiny puplet. She sported a heart for a blaze between her ears and loved to hike and mt bike alongside me. She was always turning heads with her speckles (the red heeler in her) and her posture.

That was some time ago, Ms. M'hija (as I call her). She is 11! now. She has some difficulty, but not great, in getting up from a lying position. She's not so into play with her sister who is a year or so younger ( I liken Kato to Charlie's Cloe). She still sports her speckles and gets complements, but she's not out in the truck, trotting a trail or sitting with me outside a bar or restaurant these days.

I admire Ms. Stockton for her courage in raising a wild canine. It's not an easy job, I am sure, but the world - least MY world - is better because she did.

Here is a link to Joseph Beuys' I Like America and America Likes Me, performance art from 1974. Please read the paragraphs under the title of the same name on that page. It explains why he would even care to live three days alone with a wild coyote.


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