Soopa Bizzy

But I want to share this from another blog that I read:
I tend to agree with it and the first comment added an important point about how no one these days wants to offend others. What sort of living can we really do if we don't occasionally offend? Not everyone is out to maliciously offend, but many shrink in shock or explode in response to a well-meaning comment or criticism.

You know how sometimes things whip through the mind and it's all thought about and done in seconds? I was thinking about the term paradigm shift; I feel we are in the next shift. I also feel that the last one started just after the turn of the 20th century and ended sometime in the seventies or just before.

It is not my field, studying the topic, so don't quote me ; ) but it's just a feeling I have.
above: The Absent Parent, oil on canvas

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