Paper dolls are great fun to make for an afternoon or a lifetime.

Here are a few that came to be yesterday:

Sizzix dolls, bunny and the rest are made-up by yours truly. I really like the outfits that the tourists are wearing.


Nadia said...

So much character!!!!!! You have made me rethink some things here. I just ADORE these!!!!!!
Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)

Thread and Thumb said...

THank you for your comment! I love these dolls and have so much fun making them.
The clothing is drawn around the bodies then cut out and trimmed to fit. This way they are not "cookie cutter" in form.

Nadia said...

I can tell! ...but it's more than the clothes... it's the personality in the faces/hair. It is the whole thing.

Right now, getting indivual and unique personalities to come out of paper figures is what I am working on. Your work has been so helpful to see!