It's Friday: Money is No Object

Here's how I handle the slight warp of my gouache projects: magnets on an old cake pan.
This couple has found a mutual love of coffee, but he needs a better expression than the blank stare.

Watercolor pencils, glaze pens, star glitter pens, pearl-ex and more sit right beside me on the desk. The desk is angled up and is from Ikea (link).

Here's a shot of things that are always on my desk.

The Koh-I-noor rapidograph pen has been one of my faves for decades. Yes, they are finicky and demand high-maintenance, but they are great once you get used to that. Here's a set that I'd love to get my hands on if money was no object. (link) Then I'd have at my disposal gouache paint in all colors (link) to include the CYMK set.

Since watercolor pencils are also part of my arsenal, I'd get this set, too (link).

Can I go shopping now?
chyah! (this is always said like Napoleon Dynomite)

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