Printing and Cutting Die Cuts

Provo Craft's new Cricut product, the Imagine, is out and it's a veritable circus in the attention it is receiving.
Joyslife.com posted an interesting idea. She shows us how to make your own print and cut like the Imagine machine. It's a healthy project in the amount of work that one must go through to produce a single die cut. Whew! But I knew that I could do it. Here's my try at it:

Joy used repositionable adhesive, obviously I did not because I don't have such a thing in my arsenal. What do I think? Well, it's a different way of crafting for sure. It could eat into the sweet little embellishments like Jolie's or, perhaps more accurately, SB paper companies. Maybe. There are so many factors to weigh in on such a purchase.

  • How much do you buy embellies like Jolie's or My Mind's Eye or Creative Imaginations? What's the likelyhood that you'd spend $400 on such goodies over the course of a few years?

  • What is the learning curve on the Imagine versus learning about layers and doing it on your current machine with a printer? What are you willing to spend on that learning curve?

  • What will ink, paper and other consumables cost you in the long run? Is it worth the money to avoid shopping around for the perfect embellishment?

  • Then the obvious: how often would you use it anyway? More than your current machine?
It was a task to create the image above. And then I'd still have to trim around the edges. However, I am excited to start adding my own touch to it with pens or stickles. Maybe, if the need arises, I'll do it again. But first I'll have to get over my feelings that weak tape is lame and seek out repositionable adhesive!


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