What R U Reading?

I just picked up the new novel Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. I am. Not. A fiction reader. I just feel like a novel is (gasp!) wasting my time (blame my frantic personality, please). I have barely any words to describe my joy in finding a novel that is so worth reading.

Here's why I picked it up: I first heard an interview with Franzen on Fresh Air. Upon hearing his reading the opening lines of the book I was pretty well consumed by it. I had to stop the car and do my errands so I thought little about the interview. That is until four days later when I saw the Time magazine with his photo on the cover at the salon. Great! I thought, I'll sit and read it to see if this guy really deserves this honor. Someone cut out the article. Well! Then I must get the book.

Do it. Run out and get it. The Target I went to had its last two copies out (I'd never thought of buying a book at Target, but I drifted by the stand and picked the copy destined for my cynical pleasure).

Happy Reading!

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