Little Red, Part II

Little Red finds the door open, walks in and looks around. What's this? Thin Mints? She loves those cookies and takes a few. Okay, she took the box. Looking in on the rest of the home she sees a very comfy waterbed with velvet and satin sheets.

The Bear family comes home sooner than expected. Momma knows something is different in the house; the Thin Mints are missing! Following the trail of sweet, dark crumbs they find the perp in their bed. The family is not too happy about this and Little Red knows this when she opens her eyes.
To make it up to the Bears she gets Mr. Bear a job where she works (she is familiar with the manager, wink-wink). Mr. Bear is grateful and assures her that all is forgiven, but that she owes Mrs. Bear a box of Thin Mints next year.
The End

This was a lot of fun to put together and a pain as well. I guess that's the beauty of a challenge. Originally I was going to post it on the Circle challenge for the children's theme week. It was never finished in time. This week I am determined to make the next challenge's deadline. The theme is Flowers.


Lisa said...

I love this!

Thread and Thumb said...

THanks Lisa! It was a good exercise in humor and craft.

Nadia said...

You are killing me--- this is AWESOME. Your detail and sense of humor just everywhere. I love this. Why haven't I been here before?????
Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)

Brens Designs said...

Oh My! That is just too cute for words!!! Love it!!!