Little Red Riding Hood or A Modern Day Trailer Park Drama

Ah yes, the day is Friday. The week snuck by me, but last night's tornado warning and alarms are memorable. We had to get the hall closet ready for four people and two dogs. Luckily, nothing came of it for us. Unfortunately, it was a terrible night for a few others. My heart goes out to those families.

I would like to turn to a lighter topic. I am posting the children's book created recently, made of paper. Saying it's a children's book is a loose description. I'd say it's for the child in all of us over 18.

Here is the cover

 Covered in burlap with a strip of denim. It's the essence of simple life and necessity.

Here we see the family of three. They pose on their lawn, quite proud of who they are. They should be.

We now look upon the simple home of said family on the lot that Daddy inherited from his Uncle Bo who raised him. Life is hard now as the economy put Daddy out of work and Mommy is not ready to let Junior go into a daycare. Besides, should Mommy work it would take all her paycheck anyway. Daddy searches for work.
Meanwhile, the girl down the street wonders what life is like behind the aluminum door of the Bear home. She waits for them to take a walk to the 7-11 to make her move.

(Junior sees the girl and tries to tell Mommy. Mommy can't quite understand Junior yet so replies, "Yes, honey. We are going for a walk outside, keep yer fur on."

to be continued.

Various Cricut carts played a huge role in this. Off the top of my head are Forever Young, My Community and Cars ( for the tire).

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Lisa said...

Can't wait for more of this tale!